Suzuki Jimny 1.3 JLX 4WD (2003)

The Suzuki Jimny has been running again for a while, but he still looks out kek. The horse is an area of ​​the lightest kind. That light begins at the motorization: a 1.3'tje with sixteen valves must take the lead here. That some or make do?

Fortunately, the Jimny is not a heavyweight with its 1000 kilos, which secretly still best float ikje. A companion described him aptly, "a snappy city car, sprint like the best, has a turning circle of a truck and parking talent a basket. Inside, the simplicity rules, but all that is necessary is present. Luggage can hardly have the short ass.
The 4x4 system is one of 's simple kind. Under normal conditions, drive with rear wheel drive. Are the conditions worse, you can while driving (up to 100 km / h) to switch to 4WD. By means of a transfer case are front and rear-axle "locked" and the distribution front / rear fifty-fifty. Are you going to climb or land in, you've found the low gearing.

no maniac
The Jimny we can towards our winter trail in Sölden obviously not handling expect à la Audi S6. In that respect are the two extremes. The rigid front axle, the relatively simple suspension, the short wheelbase and high center of gravity wobbles, shakes and shakes the little rascal that "It's a delight. The steering on the tarmac is rather indirect, as the operator. Switching is like in a van: to get long. Just about at home not in this case. With a bit of blowing it look completely; for you're talking eye, the Jimny step aside just a meter. It's just hard work behind the wheel. After a kilometer or 200 seats in simple you're pretty broken.

Flink pace
Despite all the Jimny could best follow a good highway pace. Suzuki returns top speed 140 km / h, but we scored downhill plus wind in the rear 175 on the counter. Since our tough benjamin however, was not very happy, so we are generally but what did slow down.

In his sas
Of course the Suzuki Jimny is not made for the highway. It is more a funny cart for it. This off-road to very surprising performance is capable. On the motorway the Jimny was a favorite, as sukkeltje in gym class. In the mountains the other hand everyone is leading to revolutions in the benjamin. Because it comes up violently to climb or descend, then touches the light fun-car more and more in its sas. As in the snow. He is going where you want, and without traction control. Turn the front and rear axles together and Suzuki plowing through everything. And the modest 80 horsepower from the 1.3 engine were trading not take more than the mountain can still be done inschakeld.
So let's quickly drive all the way up to the Jimny once its paces in extreme winter conditions. Then we come to surprising findings. Because it was a bit slippery, on top of the glacier in Sölden; it was bacon-mirror super smooth. It does not care how much power you have under your right foot, but it comes down to grip, traction and maneuverability. Whereby the tires play an important role. We have an icy snow record plotted a route of about 200 meters, where everything is in: braking downhill, then an ultra-short hairpin, then climb back one piece and finally a long spinning elbow. If a jack box sprint Suzuki on the track.

In its element
He was a torment on the Autobahn, but under the conditions on the glacier completely in his element. The Jimny has a lot of advantage of its low weight (only 1000 kg), and a short wheelbase. Along with the 205/70 15" Bridgestone Dueler H / T account for a large portion of grip, traction and braking.
The Suzuki Jimny has a lot of fun for little money. Prefers to avoid the highway; comfortable 'he does not and you have your hands full' m in a straight line
to hold. The ground state 'ie his man, but Jimny acquiesces still the best in his role as "car for there."

BrandFashion modelBodyTransmissiondrivingtest Yearprice
Jimny 1.3 JLX 4wd
3-door, SUV / Crossover
5 gears, Manual
To Rear +
€ 14 299 FINANCING?
engine4-cyl. in line
Displacement1298 cc
maximum power59 kW / 80 hp at 6,000 rpm
Maximum torque104 Nm at 4500 rpm
Length Width Height3.625 mm / 1.600 mm / 1.705 mm
wheelbase2250 mm
mass empty1.020 kg
capacity400 kg
Mass trailer braked / unbraked1.300 kg / 350 kg
Ties205 / 70R15 Prices
Top speed140 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h measured13,5s
Acceleration 80-120 km / h in 4/514,3s / 19,7s
measured fuel10.1 l / 100km
(The manufacturer: 7.8 l / 100 km)
Co2 emissions184 g / km
Detailed specifications
  • +nimble typje
  • +Toppertje in snow
  • +price snapperand
  • -Bouncy on asphalt
  • -Few steering precision
  • -Cramped inside