Subaru Justy 1.0 Comfort S (2008)

After a period of relative calm, there is again a small Subaru. The car has the same basis as the Daihatsu Sirion and there's only front-wheel drive. All-wheel drive is not available, that the new Subaru represents a clear break in style with the rest of the range.

The new Justy comes from Daihatsu and is nothing more than a Sirion with some minor adjustments. One thing remains striking. The Justy is not offered with all-wheel drive, and a Subaru, a brand that always proud
comes standard 4x4.

It is unfortunate that Subaru has not bothered to give a face to the Justy. Only the grille is different and the back is marked "Subaru Justy. It might seem to cost nothing, because what normally Daihatsu logo adorns the bonnet, is now a shiny plate with a kind of smiley face. It was apparently too expensive to produce a hood without holes of the Daihatsu logo in it!
In proportion to its outer dimensions, the Justy quite spacious. Inside we find a simple dashboard with a large toolbox. The Justy always have a built-in audio system with radio-CD player; Comfort S adds an auxiliary jack for an iPod to it. Between the large speedometer and tachometer is a digital fuel gauge. The Justy also has an onboard computer that can display the current consumption and average consumption.
The Comfort S version, the Justy has height adjustment of the driver seat. The backrest is moderately adjusted with a handle on the side of the chair, and the steps that makes the handrail, are too large. The steering is relatively flat and is adjustable only in height.
The luggage compartment is 225 liters very useful. Do you want to transport larger items, then you hit the rear bench flat, creating a flat load floor.

Daihatsu power source
Under the small bonnet of the Justy we find the three-cylinder Daihatsu. The 1.0-liter sounds good, or he is under his or speed range is around 6,000 rpm. Above 100 km / h hit the power soon out of breath and you have to switch back-to catch up quickly. The five-speed of the Justy is a bit disappointing. He changes very hakerig of resistance. The brakes bit disappointing; the braking distance is much longer than the 40 meters we keep as a guide.
The Comfort S version we drove, facilities include a rear stabilizer bar, allowing the Justy less tilting and sends a notch. Furthermore, Subaru uses a thicker stabilizer for. Tilt makes the Subaru still cornering and he is restless. Will you still leads quite quickly by spinning front wheels and a nose with the car in a curve on the gas will go straight.

BrandFashion modelBodyTransmissiondrivingtest Yearprice
Justy 1.0 Comfort S
5-door, hatchback
5 gears, Manual
In front of
€ 12,495 FINANCING?
engine3-cyl. in line
Displacement998 cc
maximum power51 kW / 70 hp at 6,000 rpm
Maximum torque94 Nm at 3600 rpm
Length Width Height3.610 mm / 1.665 mm / 1.550 mm
wheelbase2430 mm
mass empty890 kg
Massa braked trailer750 kg
Ties175 / 65R14 Prices
Top speed160 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h measured13,9s (13,9s)
Acceleration 50-80 km / h 3/46,4s / 10,4s
Acceleration 80-120 km / h in 4/516,1s / 22,6s
measured fuel7.2 l / 100 km
(The manufacturer: 5.0 l / 100 km)
Co2 emissions118 g / km
Detailed specifications
  • +Very lively three-cylinder
  • +complete equipment
  • +reasonable fuel economy
  • -Strong tilt
  • -Restless cornering
  • -long braking distance