Honda Civic 1.3 DSi i-VTEC Hybrid (2009)

The dashboard of the Honda hybrid looks quite futuristic and requires a lot of tolerance.

The dashboard of the Honda hybrid looks quite futuristic and requires a lot of tolerance.

The Civic is of course provided with a start / stop system, in order to save fuel.

The Civic is of course provided with a start / stop system, in order to save fuel.

Below the'motorenkap' bevindt zich verfijnde hybride techniek.

Under the 'motorenkap' is sophisticated hybrid technology.

43Al another few years, the hybrid version of the Honda Civic in the market. Mainly due to its low addition rate of 14 percent increases this beautiful sedan now a prominent place in the sales statistics.

There are various reasons to choose as a consumer for a car with an alternative powertrain. Climate, environment, oil prices, but also just costs in general. With the current tax regime, you can directly under certain circumstances hold the necessary advantage when you choose a car with alternative powertrain. Toyota and Honda they know all there. Were formerly sold annually at most a few thousand cars with hybrid powertrain, since these cars only 14 percent addition is counted instead of 25 percent, sales have skyrocketed.

Who wants to take advantage of the maximum additional tax benefit, currently in the C-segment only a limited choice of body styles. Thus, the Honda only as four-door sedan. If you want more space, you have to invent something else and you have to look at cars subject to a higher rate of aggregation. The hybrid Honda continues to load volume namely stabbing at 350 liters, a direct result of the battery pack which is hidden behind the rear seat. Especially when it comes to large pieces, you hit limitations, even as the backseat is not flat.

High-tech look

With an average height you will have no problem to find your niche in the Honda. But raise your slightly above ground level, then the Civic already fast on the tight side. In another Honda Civic will especially have to take into account the position of the handbrake lever. Which is ugly in the way.

Looking at design and materials, it seems the dashboard of the Honda as taken from Starship Enterprise. The high-tech look of the Civic instruments seems to depict the progressive drive of the Japanese. At some getting used to is mildly necessary. The speed is represented by a number in a separate display over the main screen, in which you can read, among other things, the speed, and the charging status of the battery pack. The car is equipped with a 1.4-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine. These 95 hp Honda engine is assisted by a 20 horsepower electric motor, and providing an automatic gearbox. This car can hold CO2 emissions of only 109 grams per kilometer. The low emission and consumption figures are partly achieved through switching off the engine when you are standing on a red light. This happens automatically. When you release the brake, the engine jumps spontaneously.

The Civic is equipped with all currently common security attributes, such as ABS, battery airbags and an electronic stability system. Further, the equipment list shows such things as the power windows, and electrically operated and heated mirrors.

These mirrors fold electrically. The car also has electric heated front seats, rear parking sensors, alloy wheels and cruise control. The latter - especially long distance - a great tool to press the fuel.

BrandFashion modelBodyTransmissiondrivingtest YearPrice
Dsi Civic 1.3 I-Vtec Hybrid
4-door sedan
1-speed, automatic transmission
In front of
€ 24,100 FINANCING?
engine4-cyl. in line
Displacement1339 cc
maximum power81 kW / 110 hp at 6,000 rpm
Maximum torque123 Nm at 4,600 rpm
Length Width Height4.545 mm / 1.750 mm / 1.430 mm
wheelbase2700 mm
mass empty1.268 kg
capacity452 kg
Ties195 / 65R15 Prices
Top speed185 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h measured12,0s (12,1s)
Acceleration 50-80 km / h in D4,0s
Acceleration 80-120 km / h in D8,4s
measured fuel4.6 l / 100 km
(The manufacturer: 4.6 l / 100 km)
Co2 emissions109 g / km
Detailed specifications
  • +fine drive
  • +driveability
  • +properly complete
  • -Fuel consumption can be even better
  • -For a bit cramped sedan
  • -limited luggage