Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI GTE (2015)

138Vooral thanks to low tax liability will be plug-in hybrids increasingly popular. The Golf GTE is a good example. But this car is more than just tax benefits?

One thing many rechargeable hybrids in common, and that is the taxable income of only 7 percent, moreover, they are up to January 1, 2016 road tax free. That low addition of course grist to the mill of the lease driver. But if you really want this type of car drive economically, you need lots of 'cutting times. That makes plug-in hybrids actually suitable for (business) road warriors. The plant indicates an average fuel consumption of 1 in 66.7, but that has been established during the few realistic European test cycle, which is frequently used by the electric motor. During our test was the Gulf at night to plug, so we in the morning always drove with a full battery pack. After a kilometer or 25 (in winter) it was off to the electro fun while speed did not exceed 100 km / h. Summer seems 40 to 50 kilometers is achievable, especially if you are then on the special low rolling resistance tires. On gasoline, the GTE not economical than a conventional Golf 1.4 TSI. The highest efficiency of this type of powertrain gives you when you're driving trips of roughly 40 kilometers and then the car recharges. Under favorable conditions, this is possible without the use of the internal combustion engine. But if you have something further away and even runs on gasoline, is a very low power consumption possible. Because the fuel consumption, depending on the operating conditions can vary from 0 to roughly 1 in 15, however, we can indicate possible a realistic average consumption.

Driving makes this golf just fine. The transition between electrical and driving on the fuel engine, goes unnoticed. If desired, this golf emerging as a sports car. He maximizes both engines and sprint in less than 8 seconds to 100 km / h. The GTE is quite heavy, but the custom suspension and damping can only brand at very high cornering speeds, something that obesity. He may be suspended slightly too firm, though. In conjunction with 18-inch wheels (extra) costs that comfort. The interior is nicely finished and puts ergonomically well together. Rear seat passengers have ample space. The trunk is about 100 liters less than that of a normal Golf.

The GTE is not bare the showroom, but with a few extras, putting the price quickly through the 40 grand back and that's punishment for a car in this segment.

BrandFashion modelBodyTransmissiondrivingtest YearPrice
Golf 1.4 Tsi Gte
5-door, hatchback
6-speed automatic transmission with double clutch
In front of
€ 38,090 FINANCING?
engine4-cyl. in line
Displacement1395 cc
maximum power150 kW / 204 hp at 5,000 rpm
Maximum torque250 Nm at 1500 rpm
Length Width Height4.270 mm / 1.799 mm / 1.449 mm
wheelbase2631 mm
mass empty1.499 kg
capacity521 kg
Mass trailer braked / unbraked1.500 kg / 750 kg
Ties205 / 55R16 Prices
Top speed217 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h measured7,9s (7,6s)
Acceleration 50-80 km / h in D2,2s
Acceleration 80-120 km / h in D4,9s
measured fuel
(The manufacturer: 1.5 l / 100 km)
Co2 emissions35 g / km
Detailed specifications 3.5 stars

Mainly due to the lower taxable income is the Golf GTE is currently very popular. Moreover, it is a fine driving, very smooth car. For many drivers, the GTE but not particularly efficient for individuals and it is very expensive to buy.