Opel Crossland X 1.2 Turbo Innovation (2017)

68De first PSA co Opel put in the showroom, is a compact crossover and therefore has everything to be a success.

The Crossland X shares its genes with the package Peugeot 2008 but really has a unique appearance that is immediately recognizable as a Vauxhall. In the interior Opel has well preserved its own brand values. The dashboard is clean and businesslike. Ergonomics is fine: all controls are where you expect them. Thanks to their simplicity, the clocks are easy to read, the infotainment screen is nicely hidden in the dashboard.

On the back let the Cross Country X is at its strongest. The legroom is surprisingly generous and there is also the main room is spacious enough for an adult. Also at the back of the Crossland X is surprisingly spacious, the boot measures 410 liters. But if you Innovation + package order, the bank into two unequal parts to slide forward, which transmits your legroom in the trunk.

Our Cross Country X has a three-cylinder turbo engine. Here Opel reaping the first fruits of its merger with PSA, because the 1.2 Turbo comes from the stable and is a very nice machine. The three-cylinder rumble is audible but muted good enough not to irritate and performance increased vierpitter would not hurt. The gearbox is also Peugeot and turns less tight and precise than we are used many Opels. The Crossland X mainly tends towards comfort. This segment interior space and daily use critical and in particular those areas scored Crossland X actually very good.

4.0 stars

The Opel Crossland X mainly offers a lot of space, and it is these cars an important feature. The design is both inside and outside not very exciting, but especially the interior feels like quality.