Mazda MX-5 RF

54Laat it over to Mazda to come up with a stubborn car. In style, the new Mazda MX-5 roadster with RF not just a hardtop, but a true fastback. That sounds good. It looks good. And it drives well. Like the regular MX-5.

Just now comes back every manufacturer back of the convertible-with-stalenklapdak, Mazda refines the concept and brings the MX -5 RF market. It is a continuation of the MX-5 Roadster Coupe of the previous generation. And where you could not distinguish with open hood of his brother-soft top, the new Retractable Fastback is never to be confused with its soft counterpart. Open or closed, the RF is an intriguing design. From some angles it works beautifully, from the side and front quarters of the design allows the MX-5 a tough look which he never had before. Three quarters behind it all works less and RF looks a tad thin. But he had to be distinctive, and he is.

Mission accomplished and so besides the looks implementing the fastback concept seems done very intelligently. The roof is made up of four parts, which is to hide may behind the passenger in thirteen seconds. Unlike the regular roadster happens fully electric, no craft comes to pass. Moreover, the driving, although you can not stay there too many proposals for the maximum speed at which it can, is 10 km / h. The whole construction will add around 45 kilograms to the overall weight of the MX-5. Not too much, but in a car sharply on his watch weight than the average supermodel, every one kilo. Moreover, the extra weight is relatively high in the car. The steel roof makes this little Mazda stiffer than the soft top.


For this reason, the engineers have power steering, shock absorbers, springs and stabilizer bars very slightly adjusted so that the RF does really drives like an MX-5. This works great because the fastback same playful agility and handling that the Roadster has made himself popular. The differences are so small that you should have a soft top next to them really noticing. Emotionally there is less role in the carriage when sending and operates the steering marginally direct. Therefore, the RF committed less and feels tighter and more direct as a whole, without the comfort suffers. What remains is the great way to communicate the car with his driver. Every movement of wrists or feet sorts immediate effect and because it is still a light car, exploring the boundaries is never intimidating. The subject remains a party to submit the MX-5. Whether you're dusty hairpin to hairpin or driving long distances, the Mazda lets you enjoy every meter.

Motor, nothing changes, the supply consists of a 1.5-liter, four-cylinder with 131 hp and 150 Nm or a 2.0 to 160 hp and 200 Nm. That first must have really revs, the 2.0-liter provides much power reserve improves comfort. Additionally, the latter linked to a six-speed automatic, though we would not know why you would deny yourself the pleasure of one of the finest ever-shifting six-speed transmissions. Also in this area is enjoying the purist. Whenever you end a turn in the right gear, it seems to go faster than the speedometer indicates. For although the 2.0 really has potential, performance modern standards fall very bad. And that's actually a recommendation. The enjoyment suffers not under, while the risk of losing your driver's license is much smaller.


Driving pleasure does not change, but once the move is that the targa-like structure not only offers advantages. With the roof closed, there is more calm on board than the soft top while the radio show just noisier with the roof open. Especially above 100 km / h creates a vortex in the raised roof parts, which makes it impossible to have a conversation without raising your voice. Moreover, the noise is irritating over time. Except that you feel less wind in your hair, the interior is just like that of the soft top. That is, not very practical. In the luggage fit just two holdalls. Still, there is no longer room for drivers. Also still lacking shelf space and depth adjustment of the steering. Little change in this area.

Unfortunately, this does not apply for the prize, RF consumes in equal equipment € 2,600 more than the soft top. That means you € 36,980 have to settle for a 1.5 average level of equipment. The 2.0 is only available as GT-M and costs € 43 180. He is complete, but you can call into question the value, because the filtering is only better with the roof closed. So you have to really fall for the design of driving enjoyment and not dwell on rational considerations. In this sense, the RF down to its fibers have an MX-5. And Mazda has determined to date any harm.

  • +Playful handling
  • +Stiller with roof closed ...
  • -... but noisier with roof open
  • -hefty surcharge