Skoda Rapid Space Back

47De Skoda Rapid falls with its length and its value between the B- and C-segment. In the Netherlands it is only as available space back and recently with a new engine: a 999 cc three-cylinder turbo. Exterior and interior were bijgepunt light. Reason for a renewed acquaintance with this particular Czech, who does everything biting different.

To start with this format: with a length of 4.30 meters, the Rapid almost five centimeters longer than cousin Volkswagen Golf, which is a little wider ten centimeters in turn. And compared to the Fabia, which he shares his platform? Which also trumps the Rapid, even the Combi. Quite a hefty car and so it is right back typically Skoda, which provides relatively long models. And now we are talking about centimeters, we report the same, but you in the back seat is quite roomy in the Rapid. More legroom than in a C-class as well headroom. That the body is narrower, you notice when three people sit in the back seat. Then it is up. It that in practice is not so common. The luggage compartment has a capacity of 415 liters, more than a Golf.

Anyway, now at first but something about the facelift. It consists of a new front bumper, fog lights and other black tinted taillights. The headlights - now also available as bixenon - are equipped with LED daytime running lights. In the interior we see another door panels and instrumentation, the climate control panel and air vents are renewed. There is also wifi on board and the rear passengers have two (optional) USB charging points. Important news is the arrival of the three-cylinder 1.0 TSI, which we already know from other models of the Volkswagen Group. In this case, that available with 95 hp or 110 hp, as successor to the four-cylinder 1.2 TSI.

sufficient torque
We sit behind the wheel of a manual 95 hp TSI, probably the top seller in the Netherlands. Prima chair, fine driving position, which starts well. And there should also be done immediately, because we ride in the hilly surroundings of Frankfurt. The small three cylinder must sometimes make considerable speed to climb, but he's not really a lot of effort to tame the Feldberg. During acceleration hear and feel good that is stomping an odd number of pistons, but annoying is not. At constant speed, the engine pretty quiet and at 100 km / h, the tachometer needle just not in 2200 and at 130 is 3,000 rpm. Can you remember the time you are in compact cars with four cup was already at 100 km / h above 3000 rpm? The maximum torque of 160 Nm is already at 1,500 rpm free, according to the manufacturer. In practice, however, the turbo need more time to wind, but under 2000 rpm there is enough tension in any case. The predominantly flat Netherlands can also keep fine feet and if you do not change with this engine, there is the seven-speed DSG, which is otherwise not available with the 110 hp engine.

The power steering is speed-dependent and fits perfectly with the character of the space back, which still is everybody's friend. Suspension and damping are on the solid side, and the 17-inch wheels under the test car do not make it better in terms of comfort. By default, the Back Space on 16-inch aluminum wheels and that's okay for a car like this.

Rich standard equipment
About default voice: Skoda Rapid delivers only one equipment variant, which is the Drive. And the fluff of the specification list, we see that is in pretty decent stuff. Besides all the usual things we see Bluetooth, air conditioning, cruise control, a leather-covered multifunction steering wheel, the aforementioned wheels, a navigation system and parking sensors in the rear bumper. In terms of active safety, the Rapid not so richly endowed and the number of available systems is limited. Options such as lane departure warning, active cruise control and blind spot warning are not in the list. And then of course there are the typical Skoda tricks, indicating the brand 'simply clever'. As the umbrella under the passenger seat, a clip on the A-pillar which you can install a parking ticket, an ice scraper in the tank valve, a reversible mat in the boot (for wet dog for example) and the like. It would be a total of twenty.

The Rapid Space Back Skoda program falls between the Fabia and Octavia. It costs nearly twenty grand and for that money you step even in a Peugeot 2008 or even a Ford Focus, although you have a stripped down version. And here we arrive immediately at the strong point of the Space Back. And he may well be different from the rest, it is very complete. And within broader than many cars in the C segment. From this point of Skoda car with this quite an interesting offer in the showroom.

  • +A lot of space
  • +Good standard
  • -Few security options
  • -No DSG 110 hp version