Mazda MX-5 RF

67Wie looking for a pure roadster, will generally have a fabric roof. Still, Mazda also looks at the MX-5 generation back room for a version with a more comfort-oriented, 'hard' timbers.

We thought we had seen everything when it comes to the Mazda MX-5, but the Japanese continue to conjure surprises out of the hat. Take the folding headlights of the original model, the turbocharged engine to the second generation was available (for us not officially available) and the folding hardtop that would look like a soft top MX-5 number three. The current MX-5 following his piercing headlights again the ideal of the original: small, light and focused on purist driving pleasure. Customers who still want more comfort, remember happy. there is now for them Retractable Fastback, abbreviated RF. That term will get fixed quickly forgotten; chances are that this model popularly called simply 'Fastback' will be called.


The Japanese have not a Johnny-on-lead finished, because the new model is more than an MX-5 which is simply equipped with a retractable hardtop. This is rather a coupé that offers the opportunity to sit in the sun at times. With the press of a button, which is under the control knobs for the climate control, start an impressive show: the tailgate with the beautiful fins buzzing up and two roof segments disappear in the stern, followed by the rear. Then the roof takes place again. However, the most impressive is not the show, but the end result. We see what the design concerns agreements with classics such as the third generation Corvette, Jaguar XJ-S and the Ferrari Dino. Mazda manages to leave the Fastback expensive eyes than he really is. When he stands at our showroom in the spring of 2017, he is likely to € 4,000 to € 5,000 more expensive than the regular MX-5. During the ride you get that impression. Due to the well-insulated roof parts made of plastic it is quieter and more comfortable than the Roadster with its fabric roof. The chassis and the control by the engineers, both tuned to 40 kilograms more by weight as well as on a more comfortable ride.


Fear not: the RF is still a purebred MX-5. He sits as usual like a second skin around you and the input you provide via the accelerator pedal, the steering wheel and the gear lever is converted without noticeable delay, as befits a sporty roadster. When driving with the roof portion is not at all in the way of the open driving experience. Put the side and rear windows down and it starts to blow violently around the fins and through the hole behind your head. For hearted and nekpatiënten is perhaps what a lot of good, while the true roadster enthusiasts put their collars up and listen to the sound of the four-cylinder engine. The naturally aspirated engine is eagerly and carefree rpm. Henceforth, the two-liter engine can be linked not only to the known, unknown immediately shifting manual transmission, but also the machine that is already available in the US. Opt for your machine, you can with a sport button on the shift lever to the accelerator response and the shift manner 'wasabi sharp. This machine also remains restricted to the Fast Back. Whether it is also available with the 1.5-liter engine, is not yet known. Exclusively for the RF is the color "gray metallic matrix" devised a tone that emphasizes the solid appearance of this model. The car looks as if it is machined from one piece of metal. You can perform the desired roof parts in body color or piano, while the brown leather also specifically designed for this version.

If this new version of the MX-5 is on the way next year, he might just reveal as much sensation as the first model in the 90 Clever how the icon itself by maintaining knows constant renewal. The Fastback is a stroke of genius Mazda. It is closely related to the Roadster and yet he has a completely different look. It's a hip targacoupé, which will appeal to a new clientele and simultaneously will propel the popularity of the MX-5 to new heights. And that is something that even the purists will be delighted.

  • +Quieter than the roadster
  • +original appearance
  • -Impetuous wind opened roof and windows