Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate

8Mercedes-Benz has made a strategic choice by putting the new C-class higher in the market. It is expensive, but also luxurious, beautiful and stoneware. Can then connect the drive variant?

Sometimes you have to throw an extra eye on the speedometer because you do not believe it at first. The rest on board is such that we can converse with one another at normal speaking level. The stability of the car is so good that there is little steering corrections are needed. And despite the fact that the engine is quite noisy bystanders, the insulation is such that you have as little passenger bothering you. Meanwhile, the speedometer shows 220 km / h show. And the car is really at its max. Still not bad for a four-cylinder diesel. At that time let the C-Class to see how good he is. No, you never get such speeds and you do not in the Netherlands. But if the car is behaving so serene at those speeds, you can bet that in the quiet ride quite a haven in times of stress.

Mercedes was a time searching for what it wanted to be in this segment. The emergence of Audi gave an additional direct competitor, and certainly should return to market share Mercedes heavily in Netherlands. It was not without reason that the previous generation C-Class was significantly sportier. It was hoped to appeal to a more youthful audience (now a relatively youthful concept at Mercedes). So you could choose depending on your level of equipment if you wanted to star on the grille. Pointing to the oldies, inside the hipper people. In addition, the car was much sportier than we were accustomed to the brand, while the build quality was still excellent. Unfortunately, the model had just enough character to survive in the war between BMW and Audi, moreover, was the brand motor and bit off the beat.
It is not without reason that the new Mercedes C for a completely different course chosen. Well, still is the star option on it or in it, but otherwise this is a different car than before. On all the surfaces become in a small S-Class. He's bigger, more comfortable and luxurious than before. The younger more dynamic customer can now go to the dealer for a CLA or A-Class, the C is clearly significantly from these models.

Of course, the estate has bathe in the new format. The boot is a reasonable 490 liters, blow out the banks you come to 1510. The rear seat is neat. Do not expect Mondeo or Suberb level, but who comes from a BMW 3 Series, is delighted. At the front it is also fine spatial feels, what is striking is that everything is positioned rather far to the rear. Your head is almost past the B-pillar, while still steering can finely to you. Materials are of course depending on the trim level, but if you want the C-Class is truly peerless nicely finished. The leather on the seats and in the doors, the knobs of the power window: this is really a far cry from a BMW 3 Series or Audi A4. The Lexus IS is still the most close in this segment. Car prices are up there also. You can forward it or not, but it is in any case clear where all that money: Mercedes clearly did not want to make any compromises when developing the car in order to distance themselves from the competition.
Unfortunately it is impossible to Mercedes to develop a whole slew of new engines for each new model. And therefore, the brand must continue with what it already has. And four cylinders are still not the best on the market. The petrol engines feel somewhat sluggish, as if 20 horsepower is lost. Diesel on the other hand too noisy and not sophisticated enough. Especially Audi makes its TFSI and TDI's cut of the Mercedes-blocks. The petrol version you really skip the basic version. The cheapest diesel, the 220 BlueTec offers 170 horsepower enough. We as well try something stronger 250 BlueTEC, which has the same engine, but with more power. Because of this he is less efficient, which he unfortunately does not qualify for 20 addition. Shame, because now we notice how well the 220 has been tweaked. You sell yourself too short, but the price difference is substantial. Like just about everything in the C-class is quite expensive. But then you do get an incredibly good car return. A Mercedes as it has ever been and really should always be.