Opel Crossland X

31Inmiddels is PSA, the parent company of Peugeot, Opel completely taken over. The Crossland X dates from the time that Opel only worked with the French. Yet this is the first Opel with French influences. Crucial question: how does it work in practice?

A few years ago decided Opel, then GM and PSA, the parent company of Peugeot and Citroën, to jointly develop products. This Opel Crossland X is its first tangible result and should equal as a harbinger of what we can expect in the coming years of the German mark. Meanwhile PSA Opel fact taken entirely so in the future there will only be more French technology in Opel models. Actually Crossland X is therefore the beginning of a new era for the brand. Well what a typical early anyway, because the newcomer is in the same waters as the current Opel Mokka X. Well, that is a few inches longer and higher, but the Crossland gaining in width and height. Price-wise, there is even no big difference between the two. A somewhat odd choice so Opel has mainly built a rival for himself. The marketing department wants us to believe that the Mokka SUV has more genes, while the Cross Country X really is in the corner of the crossovers. Hence, the first indeed can be ordered with all-wheel drive and the newcomer is not.

In practice, however, the Crossland distinguishes itself with its enormous practical interior of his more experienced compatriot group. For he follows the Meriva in the small monocab. The Crossland also has some typical MPV characteristics. Many informed example, which adults in the rear have plenty of space above their heads. There is also a luggage space of at least 410 liters, which the Crossland X outclasses all direct competitors. For added versatility, you can reorder a sliding rear seat and adjustable height of the load floor. The couch in the rear position, the rear passengers have plenty of legroom striking.

Up front, the designers have made the necessary effort to hide any possible links with Peugeot. That's really quite successful. Trained eyes can recognize the buttons for the window and mirror controls, but otherwise the interior exudes solidity we expect from Opel. Well, the materials are hard, but that should in this segment. The finish is on par with that of the best in its class. Optionally there are AGR certified seats for more support, although a typical Opel thing. A pity that of all the optional navigation system comes with Peugeot again. That sometimes works too slowly and the buttons on the touch screen are too small to operate flawlessly while driving. Fortunately, you can also use Android Auto and Apple Carplay stream your smartphone navigation. furthermore saves costs.

The engine list, the link with Peugeot is obvious, because all engines from France
come. Gasoline Riders have a choice of a 1.2-liter three-cylinder with or without a turbocharger, while diesel drivers can order the four-cylinder 1.6 to 99 or 120 horsepower. The majority, however, will cover petrol and fortunately we have the 1.2 as a fine power. Well, the 81 hp version without turbo does not have enough power for a fairly large car like the Crossland, but the 110 hp version has it indeed. Thanks to 205 Nm from 1,500 rpm do the three cylinder not hard to work for adequate performance and thus you rarely hear him. Really force majeure the engine, but it is certainly not necessary to save the version with 130 hp. Which you can also get out of a vending machine and the lighter version though. It concerns in this case, a six-speed fully automatic torque converter matches the Crossland X. Really fast not turn the bucket, but thanks to the torquey nature of the engine does not have to. Moreover, we tried the manual transmission in various PSA products, which is not exactly easy switch. Thus the link roads Poker are very long and provides the link not much feeling. Investing in the machine is definitely worth considering. Which together with the 110 HP 1.2 Turbo smooth, torquey drive with sufficient potency.

Less good news
The chassis also is easy to recognize as French and that's unfortunately bad news. The Crossland X has the same incoherent driving experience, as the platform mate Peugeot 2008. In the first instance, it seems the chassis by the springs tightly, but the shock absorbers then give again very little resistance. This results in the cross-over bumps which passes too emphatically. Especially in deep holes there is quite a shock through the body which should actually be absorbed by the suspension. Since the comfort on bumpy roads suffers considerably. At the same time Crossland X in turns depends quite strongly on the outer wheels. As a result, the grip limit is reached sooner than with other cars in its class.

Altogether, the Opel neither dynamic nor comfortable. A car like the Mazda CX-3 dynamic driving, while a Renault Captur offers more comfort. Due to the relatively light control allows the Crossland will be readily sheds through city traffic, and the blind spots are for a cross-over small. If you still want more certainty, it is a blind spot system on the options list, as well as an array of other modern (safety) systems. Lane Departure Warning is eg standard, while the options list a (little elegant) Head-Up Display, full-LED headlights with High Beam Assist and a rear camera with an extreme angle shine. That camera has a range of 180 degrees and when reversing the system remembers what it receives. As a result, there is almost 360 degree view of the display, without the cameras in the front bumper and mirrors are required. The lovers of luxury respite: electric heating seat, steering wheel and windscreen there are an additional charge.

showroom Lokker
When selecting options, it is important to keep an eye on the amount below the line as it rises quickly. The base price for the Crossland X is just under € 20,000, but that is a version with 81 hp without air conditioning. A showroom molester so. For a version with a manual five-speed, 110 hp and a realistic equipment with air conditioning, 16-inch wheels, four electric windows and Carplay / Android Auto supporting the counter runs quickly up to € 25,000. Really luxury versions with automatic transmission are further around € 3,000 more expensive. Want the sliding rear, then you're going for the most expensive version. Solid amounts, especially as the Cross Country X is not really able to distinguish the existing offer.

The versatile interior to find a plus, but there are also at all levels as good or better competitors. Even at home, for a Mocha X runs considerably more pleasant. The first collaboration between Opel and Peugeot result not immediately convincing package. Opel has however proved in the past that it can build good bases, while the French downsize engines are very pleasant. There is certainly potential in cooperation. It's like pancakes: the first is always the least.

  • +versatile interior
  • +fine petrol
  • -Price may rise
  • -unbalanced chassis