In the wild: Artega GT (2010)

33Vandaag a real exotic in The Wild! Fellow Michiel Willebrands namely Artega GT was a bump, reportedly the only copy that our country is rich.

What is it? The GT of 2012 on the bottle transferred German Artega. The GT is a 1,116-kilogram coupe was put first in the world in 2009 and was blessed with a line pattern that was put on paper by none other than Henrik Fisker. Under the hood, a 3.6-liter measuring V6 taken from the Volkswagen Passat R36. Thanks to a fast DSG was 100 km / h in 4.8 already count on the clock. Hurtling through doing this German daredevil to 270 km / h. This copy was put together in 2010, came in 2012 for the first time in our country.

How special is-ie? It would appear that this is the only copy in the country. Nice detail: Spyker has or had - we will never know for sure - plans to market the B6 Venator, a car that was very likely based on the Artega GT.

The state-ie there? Cool tip. A real eye-catcher.

Rating: Very exclusive and something different than the Porsche Cayman sold in this segment in droves.