In the Wild: Citroën HY (1980)

29Vandaag we thank AutoWeek reader Bruno Vijverman for his entry. On the shelves of The Wild is in fact an original Netherlands delivered Citroën HY!

The Citroën HY, also called Type H or H Van, we mainly know as the typical angular bestellertje Citroen that great distance already recognize is apparently constructed from corrugated iron carriage. The ridges carrying the character van, filed purely for reinforcement of the large faces of sheet metal.

The HY was created after World War II as cheap power company which various logistics networks could be cranked up again. His basic nature did not mean that the HY was old fashioned in design. The Frenchman possessed contrary to what was then customary front wheel drive. The big advantage was noticeable in the box: the lack of a shaft made a low and flat floor possible. He also had independent suspension and a self-supporting carriage, just like big brother Traction Avant.

Over the years, the basic design has hardly changed at all. Mid sixties windshield disappeared 'with spijltje' and it was replaced by a single large one. His whole life HY retained his 'suicide doors', except copies sold in the Netherlands after the end of the sixties. From 1968 were the Dutch market because no cars are sold with these special door suspension.

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