Car Weekend Top 10 cars with boxer engine

88Zaterdag, lijstjesdag. Every weekend we deal with a top-10 of successful models to the most sought after colors. In short, summarized in a list of everything in the car world. This week: ten cars with a boxer!

Last week was Subaru know that it had produced the 15 millionth boxer. Subaru has been with Porsche the only automaker to assemble boxers widely in their models, Subaru even diesels. Now we see the Toyota 86 and Subaru just for convenience. In the past, however, there was more car brands which mounted a boxer engine in their cars. Below, a top 10 in any order.

1. Subaru SVX
We of course can choose almost any Subaru because Japnners hang just about a boxer engine in each model. We choose the SVX 90s because a) it is a very particular model and b) because Subaru was the largest "flat six" until then. From 3.3 liter 230 horsepower came forth. 

2. 911
Boxer engines are as inseparable as Porsche with Subaru. Since time immemorial there is a flat four or (later) sixes behind in the 911 and the Germans him since 1996 also mount in the Boxster and later in the Cayman. In 914's boxer engines arrived at.  

3. 2CV
Completely on the other end of the automotive spectrum boxer we come to the Duck, who had to only two counter-pounding pots. At first only 375 cc big, good for a very modest 9 hp. Over the years, took over the content of the air-cooled Boxertje towards 652 and spooned-ie 35 hp. Citroen Boxer used in other models like the Ami and GS.

4. Volkswagen Beetle
Like the Duck had another icon, the Beetle, an air-cooled boxer engine. But only one set with four cylinders and back. The contents of the four cylinders increased from 1.1 liters to 1.6 liters and the Beetle did eventually filled until 2003, when the production number was almost 22 million.

5. Alfa Romeo 33
Started as 1.2'tje and finished the 1.7-liter, the boxer engine of Alfa, which we first encountered in the South and last in the 145/146. In between the Italians hanged him in the 33, where he-as in the Sud has been available in several flavors: 1,2-, 1,3-, 1,4-, 1,5- and 1,7-liter . The 33 "m also had as a 1.6-liter, and the boxer is also turned up in the Sprint and infamous Arna.      

6. Chevrolet Corvair
He has not gone into history as the most successful Chevrolet of all time but one of the most particular: the Corvair. That particular sat 'm in the rear-mounted six-cylinder horizontally opposed engine, 2.3-liter size, 81 hp, "strong", air-cooled, and almost entirely constructed of aluminum. Grew the contents slightly and there was even a turbo version with 180 horsepower thick.

7. Daf 33
The traditional Dutch truttenschudder utilized a boxer. A tweepitter of 746 cc, which was attached to the revolutionary Vario Matic automatic Hub van Doorne. The original block mat 590 cc and delivered 22 horsepower, later on, the power raised to 30 hp.

8. Lancia Flavia
Lancia has also used boxers, as in the Flavia, which were available with a four-cylinder engine of 1.5, 1.8 or 2.0-liter size, equipped with single or twin carburettors or injection (for the 1.8 and 2.0). For Lancia Gamma he built one with 2.5 liters (carburettor or injection) and 140 hp.     

9. Tatra 600
The Czech Tatra were also fond of boxer engines and used this include the sleek 600, also known as Tatraplan. It was one with a capacity of two liters, accounting for about 55 hp. Tatra also built flat six-cylinder boxer and the design of Volkswagen and Porsche are also in the Czech Republic their roots. 

10. Toyota Sports 800
Toyota's iconic sports car had a small twin-cylinder front Boxertje lie, at first one of 700 cc and 28 hp, later a 800 cc twin carburetors, which went 45 hp to the rear wheels. Today's spiritual successor is GT86 but that's really just a Subaru BRZ with a different logo.