In the wild: Opel Kadett D (1981)

57De times it was to find an Opel Kadett on every street corner, far behind us. If you encounter one, it is often one of the last release: the Kadett E. Today we have a very tight D Kadett for your offer.

What is it? A five Kadett D in 1981. This one came in 1985 our country and in October this year ended with a new owner. According to its license plate, it is a 1.3-S, and that means located under the cap has a 75 hp and 101 Nm, 1.3-liter, four-cylinder hiding. That you have in 13.5 seconds to reach 100 km / h. Those who dare can by gases until 158 km / h on the clock. The 1.3 was also available as 1.3 N, all got up 60 hp and 94 Nm under your right foot. 

Where did the basic versions with round headlights home, the higher versions were positioned along the angular light clusters. A step above the basic version had the special, which among other things is characterized by two achterruitrijlichten and trim instead. More luxurious it was with the De Luxe, which among other things characterized by its chrome trim in and around the grille and chrome Opel logo in the middle.

we climb up the ladder, then we encounter this Berlina. Velor-chair covers, arm rests for a four-spoke steering wheel, additional sound insulation, an illuminated glove box, a day counter, one of the adjustable side-view mirror from the inside, and a Berlina-name plate on the front screen; it was not at all.

How special is-ie? Cadet poses you do not see so much more and the D-Series is certainly not much more. Of all generations Kadett drive still around 4,327 copies in our country.

The state-ie there? Tight string! The non-original wheels we condone (but are'm certainly not wrong).

What is-he worth?We find a 1.2 S with a low mileage which 4,000 euros is requested. That seems a bit on the high side. This 1.3 S Berlina will, in any event, may yield more than 2,000. 

Rating: The bread-and-butter car is rapidly dying out. To cherish!