Hyundai i20: Prices and specs!

34Hyundai decided to take no further ado us and publishes all the prices and specifications of the new i20.

Hyundai's B-segmentation was unveiled in early September and will appear in December in the showrooms. Time for the associated price tags so. Interestingly, the i20 will indeed only one petrol engine under the hood, but who will get two different power variants. 

The 1.2-liter, four-cylinder engine is available as a 75 hp (LP), and 84 horsepower (HP) strong source of power. In both cases, the engine produces 122 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm. Hyundai offers a choice of three trim levels: i-Drive, I-Drive and Cool i-Motion. 

The i20 i-drive three-door is 75 hp from 13,995 euros. The slip, but with five doors, will cost at least 14,495 euros. The i20 i-Drive-Cool has 75 horsepower and gets a price tag of 15 495 euros.   

Those who prefer 84 hp, comes from the i20 i-Motion, the most luxurious trim level. Which cost at least 16,495 euros, but can be extended with two packages: Comfort (additional 1,000 euros) and premium (extra 3,500 euros). 

In early 2015 also find a 1.1-liter diesel engine its way to the i20. It is a three-cylinder turbodiesel which is good for 75 hp and 180 Nm.