Driven: Street Scooter Work

37th initially designed for DHL Deutsche Post developed fully electric scooter Street Work makes career in the Netherlands, because he is here for businesses available. Be warned: any comparison with normal commercial goes awry.

The Street Scooter, which is used only by DHL itself at this time in our country, will be brought to the Netherlands by leasing company Alphabet, that this model, work called, offered in three versions and each two wheelbases: as a chassis cab, with a box- build-up or as a pickup truck with a flatbed. It is nice that the leasing company protrudes above the neck, but it also means that there is no point to go shopping elsewhere for the lowest lease rate. And procurement is already not quite there; Alphabet calculates 599 per month for the version shown here, with a maturity of 72 months or 10,000 km per year. In Germany, where leasing is less prevalent here, the price is 32 grand. The lease rate is high, especially when these sales at the rates for a Renault Kangoo a.e. or Nissan e-NV200. Alphabet claims that the operating costs are low, so the total cost of ownership still is favorable. Comparison is difficult anyway, since the Street Scooter totally different from wood is cut than other electrical deliverers.

no pleasure
The Work is simply registered as a pickup for driving license and to the highway smoothly with a top speed of 100 km / h. He feels at home not only because it is expressly intended for use in regional and urban level. With this statement the Dutch provider defends even the very modest range of 80 kilometers. Driving is no great pleasure. The entry is easy and is good, but the suspension comfort is very mediocre. Orders driving over cobbled roads and in residential areas rich threshold is no fun. Annoying is the deafening blow to the plastic door is locked; you do not want to hear dozens of times a day. The interior is warming in the absence of an air rapidly; For winter days, there is an electric heater and heated seats. The dashboard is a sea of ​​gray plastic and instruments is a tiny circle in the distance which nevertheless all the necessary information can be read. Preferably, with a magnifying glass.

The Street Scooter has front-wheel drive and powertrain of the BMW i3. The power you can decide: 38 kW in the E-Class and 48 kW in selecting the D position, with a simple stick. As in a classic-Daf car you push the forward D and R backwards. Difficult, as the rest of the world does this exactly the opposite. Pleasant are the tight turning circle and good levels, while the sprint strength is sufficient for the type of vehicle; you will easily around town. As a driver you're better off with a regular electric vans, but probably not carrier; the work is great: 3.7 cubic meters and 720 kg applies for the short version and even 7.5 cubic meters and 960 kg for Work L. The load is also through two sliding doors and a large valve at almost waist height perfectly accessible. Alphabet expects most of the chassis cab version, because then customers can build their own body.