Price tags for Volvo S60 and V60 Cross Country

23Volvo has both the S60 and V60 fitted with the Cross-Country spice. Remarkably, the S60 Cross Country is significantly more expensive than the V60 with additional plastic.

Volvo recently drew the curtain on both the V60 Cross Country and the S60 Cross Country, models 6.5cm higher on their feet and are equipped with skid plates on the front and rear and additional plastic at the sills and wing edges . The starting price of the V60 version is set at 40 495 euros.

For that money you get the D3 diesel engine with 150 hp and 350 Nm in business execution, which accounts for 20 percent addition. The 190 hp D4 Business 400 Nm and also twenty percent addition can take home from 42 495 euros. Non-Business D4 with manual transmission has a price tag of 44 495 euros, with automatic transmission it costs 46.4995 euros. , an addition of 25 per cent for non-Business D4's. The only petrol version is 245 bhp and 340 Nm T5, which can only be given by machine. Volvo wants at least 47 195 for the V60 Cross Country,

The engine range of the S60 Cross Country is less extensive. D3 diesel fact is incremented to his nose over. The D4 Business - also with 190 horsepower and 20 percent addition - costs 45 995 euros, and thus it is less than 5,500 euros more expensive than V60 Cross Country with this engine. Non-Business D4 with manual gearbox costs 47,995 euros (25 percent addition) and Volvo will receive 50 495 euros for the version with automatic transmission. The T5 petrol engine is otherwise not available in the S60 Cross Country.

Both the S60 and V60 Cross Country is a purchase.


The price difference between the S60 and V60 Cross Country is explained by the higher trim levels of the S60 Cross Country. This is only available if Summum and Summum Business: the most luxurious dressed models.