Mercedes S-Class facelift officially

40Vier years after the current Mercedes-Benz S-Class was presented to the public at the auto show in Shanghai, presenting the Germans in the same place the facelifted version of the car.

The changes are, as usual in this type of facelifts, very subtle. Buyers of the flagship Mercedes-Benz find it hard to swallow that the newer E-class technology level is a little further, so there is now something done. The redesigned LED headlights, for example, are not only a landmark also better for the task. What is called with a range of 650 meters this Mercedes as the most far-reaching headlights world. Among these viewers can see a sharpened bumper with chrome necessary. The vents are standard larger, the S-Class provides a sportier look. The double slats on the grille that the Maybach S600 and both versions previously distinguished from the other versions, are now standard. The back is in a similar manner "overhauled" and also get other classified light units and a stretched bumper.

More important are the improvements in the interior. Earlier we saw that the big screen in the E-class, which includes both the instruments and the main screen, including the S-class is used. In addition, a new steering wheel and the technologies that prevent, enhanced frequent use. Following - again - the E, S of the autonomic functions are held against the light. The car is therefore able to move in a more fluid way through traffic and therefore requires less input.

lucky number
This Mercedes-Benz S-class just presents in China, is no coincidence. As with many competitors this Asian country is by far the most important market for the German carmaker. This is particularly true for the S-class, which as much as 30 percent of the units sold in China ends. In the case of the Mercedes-Maybach S even disappears in 60 percent to the country. Therefore comes along with the facelift especially for China Mercedes-Maybach S 680 available. '680' would be a lucky number, so.