Green light from Brussels for German toll

25De European Commission has no objections to the German plans to pay toll for passenger cars the German road network. The procedure was launched in June 2015 because the plans would discriminate against foreign drivers, was put stop, as the commission announced Wednesday.

The German Bundestag approved in late March a good change tolvoorstel. Brussels considers that it has responded to the objections. However, the Commission keeps the implementation and application of the law in the eye. The toll must begin in 2019 and should yield annual 500 million euros.

For environmentally friendly cars are cheaper than road tax for polluting. German road users are compensated with a discount on the road tax. The cleaner the car, the higher the discount.

Minister Melanie Schultz of Infrastructure and Environment announces "pretty disappointed" to be the decision, even though it is not unexpected. They shall first request concerns a substantiation of the position. If necessary, they will take legal action.

Austria is preparing a case before the European Court of Justice because the charge would be discriminatory. Early next month, the countries are gathered against tolplannen in Luxembourg. There is also Minister Schultz.

Parliament turned two months ago to stop the proceedings against the custom tolplannen and called Brussels.