In the wild: Simca 1000 (1975)

42Simca's know editors often elicit sympathy. This golden brown in 1000 from 1975 AutoWeek reader Walter Brands letter sent to us, it is no different.

Earlier we published in this section a light on the Simca 1006, in fact, in 1000 one of the last few years that it existed mark. Today we have a real 1000 on the shelves, a copy of 1975 ... with machine!

Simca in 1961 appeared on the market in 1000 was a direct hit for the brand. In seventeen years, the manufacturer knew almost 2 million to sell. In the pictures we see a GLE Automatic, meaning it will toggle through a three-speed semi-automatic transmission. Most of the Simca's in 1000 was equipped with a standard manual transmission. In 1978 passed the 1000-family market. After 1981 we were named Simca (one year yet applied Solara) not anymore. The Solara was a Talbot and Simca engines arrived would never appear more in the Peugeot 309, but "complete" Simca's.

The Simca 1000 ...

  • I feel great.
  • I feel quite well.
  • does not do me much.
  • I do not like it.
  • I feel terrible.
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The Simca 1000 ...

  • I feel great. 69.7%
  • I feel quite well. 23.9%
  • does not do me much. 4.3%
  • I do not like it. 1.0%
  • I feel terrible. 1.1%
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