Rolls-Royce Dawn receives from price

56Rolls-Royce announced which amount you want to see if you want to call yourself the proud owner of one of the largest and most sumptuously dressed convertibles.

This morning we could say that the most expensive Mercedes S-Class Cabrio - until the arrival of the S 65 AMG - € 241 700 should cost. Rolls-Royce there to laugh and proudly sticking a price of € 425,000 to the Dawn, the car according to the noble British no convertible version of the Wraith - but that is natural.

For € 425,000 you get an about 5.3 meter long convertible with 570 hp and 780 Nm V12 under the hood. The basic version - to the extent that there is - of course is already unearthly over his belongings. Who wants, like Rolls-Royce refers to the Bespoke department: the program that can be realized virtually every automotive desire.