Official: Citroen C3!

216Citroën stores the new third generation of the C 3 in a completely different way. It remains a B-segmentation with double chevron on both the nose and ass, but between everything changes.

After seven years the curtain falls for the current C3 and the Citroën brand of the same name will fill his spot. It is striking how much the new B-segmentation follows the designweg which the French brand is stamped with the C4 Picasso. Plastic wheel arches, airbumps and a high nose with slender views: Citroën dares.


With a length of 3.99 meters, the C3 grows he about 5 centimeters with respect to the outgoing model. He is two centimeters wider and four centimeters lower than its predecessor. The wheelbase of course increases namely from 2.47 to 2.54 meters. This brings its wheel base corresponds to that of the Peugeot 208, and it is no surprise. Indeed, the new C3 shares the PF1 platform with this group enjoyed. The boot measures 300 liters.

We see a B-segmentation with a remarkably fresh-looking, two-tone painted carriage. This is not standard and so is the airbumps and plastic wheel arches. Without these items (photo 3) C3 looks something "normal", but the cream with the headlights positioned above dagrijlampen course, is always present. This is the front face family promises Citroën. The C3 is the fourth that gets the face and thus follows the C4 Cactus, Picasso C4 and C1.

The roof is available in three colors and the material around the fog lights, side mirror caps, Airbumps and the frame of the rear window are different colors available. Since the personalization does not stop. For the decoration of the interior you can choose as a buyer of four 'mood packs "which are decisive for the atmosphere in the interior of the new C3.

advanced Comfort

Citroën says used to have high comfort, something we recently been told something got in the form of Citroën Advanced Comfort program. C3 This would therefore be the most comfortable in its class. The French promise thanks to a panoramic roof full well lit interior storage space and comfortable chairs. Like the C4 Cactus will replace most of the buttons by a centrally located, 7-inch measuring touchschreen. The instrument panel is to be carried out in different materials, from plastics to dust.

Also of interest is an HD camera that Citroën ConnectedCam baptized. The camera can be recorded while driving that can be shared instantly via social media. In addition, the shot images useful for example an accident. In that case, the ConnectedCam smarter than a regular dashcam: the images of the 30 seconds before and after the impact are always saved.


The engine range will stand three gasoline driepitters with 68, 82 or 110 hp. This Puretech engines we already know from the current Citroen C3 and the Peugeot 208. There are also two diesel engines with outputs of 75 and 100 hp in the planning, this BlueHDi are also familiar. A six-speed automatic will also be available.

For rally enthusiasts there is indeed some beautiful things in the barrel C3: WRC version is already shown and will appear this year in definitive form.

A total of two generations C3 in our country 61 361 copies brought to the man. That's it - the C1 and BX after - the most popular model the brand since the eighties has been on the Dutch market. Internationally, the new C3 is a very important vehicle for Citroen. Of previous generations have been sold in total more than 3.6 million copies.

The undersigned is in France at the moment to get acquainted with the new Citroën C3. He will also talk to the people behind this car. The comprehensive analysis resulting therefrom read in AutoWeek 27, which appears on the doormat from July 5.