Instappertje Fiat Mobi launched

37Fiat do Brasil has pulled the fabric of the Mobi, a brand new A-segmentation that Novo Uno is pushing out of the showroom.

Fiat Brazil in a range of models on offer you will never encounter in the Netherlands. Besides the primal Uno - which was finally retired in 2014 - sold Fiat is the Novo Uno, a model on the platform of the Fiat Panda with cheaper finish but more interior space. That model is now followed by the new Mobi.

The Mobi is otherwise not completely new, its economy platform it shares with its predecessor. The Mobi is a relatively high on the legs placed A-segmentation with a typical South American appearance.

The Mobi Fiat is the leading newcomer Renault - will reply should - the kwid.

If base engine is a 1.0-liter four-cylinder that delivers 76 hp and 97 Nm. That capability is available only if ethanol is located in the tank, it is, finally, a block-Flex Fuel. Who refueling, must make do with 74 hp and 93 Nm. Switching is via a five-speed manual transmission. Its top speed is 153 km / h and those who want full speed to 100 km / h, there is 14.3 counting the required time.

The starting price of the 3.57 meter long Fiat is set at 31,900 reals, about 8000 euro. The top model will cost 43,800 reals, 11,000 euros. It seems that soon will step down the old version of the Palio by the arrival of the Mobi.

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