In the wild: NSU Ro 80 (1977)

80Vandaag shines in this section a car that was ahead of its time. We thank Michel for AutoWeek reader submitted photos of the NSU Ro 80!

Who tells any person that the NSU Ro 80 already appeared on the market in 1967, will no doubt be looked at askance. This has not only to do with suddenly being told, but also with the appearance of the German creation. Designer Claus Luthe signed for the special NSU for that time very modern looking exterior, a then impressive drag coefficient of 0.35 scored thanks to its aerodynamic lines.

The NSU was not alone with his appearance in the spotlight, including the subcutaneous of the Ro 80 was an impressive whole. In the front was a 115 hp 995 cc big rotary engine with two discs. Disc brakes all round were standard, something that was at the time to describe as absurd. Independent suspension provided a matchless comfort. The rack and pinion steering was then far from usual.

In 1976, optical changes were made. The Ro 80 was larger taillights and a new logo on the tailgate. The license plate was in front a spot above the bumper. Behind the plate was a place between the tail lamps. The copy of the photos is a Ro 80 from 1977, the last year of life of the innovative German. Reportedly, Ro 80 from this year's extra demand because they would have a strengthened gearbox, ever conceived by the arrival of a more powerful engine in mind.

In total a spacious 37,000 Ro 80's produced. In the Netherlands, can be found about 70 copies.

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