Ferrari F12 Berlinetta praises and other models

28We have them here for you, as the prices of all new deliverable Ferraris. The cheapest is what more expensive, while the more expensive models are actually more affordable.

From 369 589 euro you are the owner of an F12 Berlinetta, the successor to the 599 GTB, which incidentally cost 404 704 euros. Then it comes to the F12 Berlinetta with hetHELE package (good for include a start-stop system) whereby the CO2 emissions per kilometer is "only" 350 grams. Want some less environmentally proceed through this package is not ordered, then the car costs you at least 386 359 euros by higher emissions.

To slip under the Ferraris, the California, now pay 224 504 euro when the car is equipped with hetHELE package (including a start-stop system), for the regular California you take out 240 715 euros. The car is striking enough in both cases more expensive than before, then took a California 221 204 euro and 234 863 euro. Side note here is that the model has been recently facelift.

The 458 Italia takes metHELE package 252 072 euro, without you pay 269 960 euro. Previously swapped it with a V8 mounted amidships equipped Ferrari 252 365 or 273 293 euros ownership. Open Spider 458 now costs 276 565 euro and 294 453 euro respectively, less than the previous 276 858 euro and 297 786 euro.

Then there's the Ferrari FF, which now has a starting price of 363 564 euros, while the four-wheel drive Italian cost more 372 377 euros - a gain of 8,813 euros! But do not worry: if you want to run the FF three-layer paint in a special color, you still pay back 14,962 euros extra.