Driving Solar Light Year One

33Lightyear, a new Dutch car manufacturer founded by former students of the Technical University Eindhoven, has teased his first car. The One such model is called applicable, draws its electric power entirely from solar energy.

You probably know them, the extremely low solar cars that Dutch engineers often managed to win long-distance rides. There held a group of former students of the Technical University of Eindhoven during their studies doing, but they tegewoordig at the helm of Lightyear. Today let the brand for the first time detailed information about their release plans for the One.

That solar move may be a car, Mr Lightyear know exactly. The cars they were doing at the TU, it lacked quite practical employability, but that does not apply to the One. We see a crossover coupévormige car that appears to differ little in terms of proportions of other cars. The roof seems completely filled out with solar panels.

Lightyear thereby reports that the car is powered electrically via the wheels all four. Besides recharge via sunlight is also just load via a charging plug. The battery should be good to take on one charge between 400 and 800 kilometers to the One. Quite a broad estimate so, but certainly interesting figures. Per year would be enough sunlight in the Netherlands to make 10,000 kilometers purely on solar energy. Hawaii should indeed be possible even double.

It is, moreover, even to a virtual prototype. Next year Lightyear shows the first real car. Ordering can otherwise all because Lightyear reports that you can make a reservation from € 19,000 excluding taxes. The complete car itself should cost around 119,000 euros. When you then can actually bring on the road, is not yet clear. The money that comes through reservations among other devoted to the further development of the One.