For Sale: Lexus LFA, (almost) completely new

4The looking for a very exclusive, very fast Japanese sports coupe? Then there is only one of the last years: the Lexus LFA. And it says there is currently for sale in the Netherlands with a pristine low mileage. Look!

However you look at it, the Lexus LFA has been and remains an absolute icon in automotive history. After years of development, which was largely designed to gather technical knowledge, the Japanese luxury brand presented almost ten years after the first concept car, the production version of the LFA. It had become just as quirky as a sleek supercar, with a high-revving, lightweight and powerful V10 under the hood.

Only five hundred copies were built, and one of them is crying out loud for sale, at Louwman Exclusive Netherlands. With a mileage of 500 the car is rightly referred to as "brand new" - more than leaving the factory and visiting some events, the car will not do, so we estimate. The price should therefore be: 409,000 euros, roughly the same as the LFA cost in introducing new in the Netherlands.

Few people are so blessed to be able to purchase such an absolute gem of a car. Let us hope that this specimen was awarded a Dutch owner, and we may see in this beautiful orange LFA conducted in future often (preferably driving!).

GTO Magazine's Sandor van Es twice fell to drive the honor with the LFA, as you can see in this video.