DeLorean ‘DMC-12’ ​​back into production

32Altijd wanted a DeLorean DMC-12, but did not have the money at that time or not you are simply born too late? Do not worry, the iconic DeLorean goes back into production!

For many years the semi-wild reborn DeLorean try again with the DMC-12, the illustrious sports car among others became famous for his performance in the film series Back to the Future. a change in the law now appears on the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), which finally achieve dreams.

long the NHTSA made some fifty years no distinction between a manufacturer putting away millions of models and a company that produces only a handful of cars per year. All in the United States produced and sold cars should meet the same safety requirements.

there now changed with effect from December 2015. The NHTSA introduced the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act, a law that allows certain exceptions for small automakers and companies that make replicas of cars that were produced over 25 years ago. Good news for DeLorean: as long as less than 325 replicas of the DMC-12 built, is the green light!

Of course, the above does not mean that DeLorean may make returning DMC-12 papier-mâché. There are certain requirements to be recalled to the equipment and the cars once the NHTSA deems necessary. Moreover, the models must meet the emission standards set by the Clean Air Act. DeLorean therefore feels compelled to go shopping the shelves of General Motors and Ford for example. That should come as no problem, DeLorean undoubtedly had nothing else on the agenda.

In 2017 we should expect the first DeLoreans. We will keep you informed.

It is not the first time we can despise a reborn DeLorean. In 2011 the brand made already to build the electric DeLoreans announcement. Auto Weeks own Lucas Verbeke and Michiel Willebrands dropped off at the time the plants to keep an eye on the company almost only dealt with the refurbishing of existing DMC-12s. Lawsuits and other obstacles unfortunately ensured that the EV never came. The pictures are there!