Gumball RS6 DTM stolen and burned

137Wildwesttaferelen in the theft of an Audi RS6 DTM in Amsterdam. The car has been burnt recovered.

This year skier Jon Olsson drove in a very striking 1000 hp Audi RS6 DTM Gumball Rally. Afterwards, he sold the car to the Dutch Auto Leitner, a company dealing in expensive, often very rare cars.

Last night the owner was busy filming in Amsterdam Piet Heintunnel, then suddenly stopped a van with armed men. This threatened the cameraman and the owner took the RS6 DTM then along. Here they also shot in the air.

The owner reported that no injuries had fallen, but he and the cameraman were obviously very shocked. He added to this that the thieves had not taken the key, so it would not work the car working again to get once it was stopped.

Meanwhile RTV Noord-Holland reports that the RS6 DTM burned was found. Perhaps the thieves eventually realized that this was a very distinctive car, and it was virtually impossible without the key to sell him.

* Update: the burned RS6 DTM proves to be found in a garage in New West *