Youngtimer popular as ‘company car’

75Het number of Dutch that runs a business an youngtimer has increased sharply. Currently there are 28 403 youngtimers registered as a company car.

Currently there are 28 403 young timers, cars 15 years or older, registered as youngtimer of the case. " This compares to 2014 there are 19,254. That means that the number youngtimers deployed that way in a few years has increased by nearly 48 percent. According to figures from Bovag.

Incidentally, this number may be much higher. Youngtimers ridden business with freelancers and where additional amount is paid over, are not recorded as lease.

The business driving a youngtimer offer a car 15 years or older can benefit with respect to the lease of a younger or new car. In youngtimers is only paid an addition on the current value of the car, while the additional amount is calculated in younger models of the replacement value.