Volkswagen Golf facelift pushes ‘8’ to 2019

69Het can hardly be unaware that Volkswagen today unveiled a facelifted version of the Golf. Shortly after the revelation became clear that the car should still persevere until 2019 in this form.

As is customary during the presentation of a new car, appeared after the unveiling of the facelifted Golf earlier today the appropriate senior officials of Volkswagen on the podium. Even designer Klaus Bischoff was there, and he let slip against our own Lars Krijgsman 8 that the Gulf will only appear on the market in 2019. This is news because until now was always thought that already in 2018 would be ready.

The facelifted Golf will therefore still uncertain about 2.5 years to defend the honor of Volkswagen in the C-segment. What he brings before you read here.