This is the new Nissan Leaf!

234Na a lengthy teaser campaign of Nissan's marketing machine is allowed to subside. Because this is the all-new Nissan Leaf!

The first generation of Japanese electro pioneers knew to find buyers. Since its introduction in 2010, sold over 280,000 copies and Nissan has over the years trying to hold back the attention by upgrading the model regularly. Thus revised include the ventilation system and was a large 30 kWh battery pack available next to the smaller 24 kWh pack. All rack come to an end, and similarly to the original Leaf career. Barça Leaf repays him!

Earlier teasers we were able to conclude that Nissan throws the technical design of a quite different approach. The second generation Leaf has a 4.49 m long and 1.79 m wide carriage which, with its influences of the IDS Concept is quite in line with the rest of the Nissan-gamma. The electric hatchback runs less to buy the fact that he is "different" and looks pretty tight at. As a child of his time, the Leaf also features a floating roof become immensely popular. The C-pillar is in fact carried black. Although the roof is black in the pictures, there are also other colors possible. The wheelbase is 2.7 meters as big as the previous leaf. However, this newcomer with a weight of 1,535 kilograms slightly heavier than its predecessor.

In the interior, Nissan assembles a 7-inch color display measuring; the seat and steering wheel blue coating is characterized by stitching. The boot now measures 435 liters. Nissan also puts into sharper steering by reviewing shipments in the wheelhouse.


Then perhaps the most interesting question: how big is the battery pack of the new leaf? Now: 40 kWh. This capacity is 10 kWh higher than the most powerful package of 30 kWh which Nissan currently offers. The battery pack is in terms of size exactly the same size as the 30 kWh supplying copy in the previous leaf. Nissan claims to have improved to achieve a higher energy density, the individual cells of the laminated lithium-ion battery.

According to the NEDC cycle, the new Leaf have 378 kilometers to go far on a charge. In comparison, the 30 kWh version of the first Leaf kicked the measuring cycle according to 250 kilometers. The electric Nissan Leaf hangs in the new, 150 hp and 320 Nm strong. Previously layers values ​​at 109 hp and 254 Nm. The speed changes by 144 km / h is not. For whoever this new set of muscles is not enough, Nissan holds a more powerful version, a move that is getting a larger range. This appears after the market launch of the Leaf.


Inside, the so-called e-Pedal get a place, an accelerator that gets another operation by pressing a button. Who activates the so-called e-pedal mode, the Leaf can slow down by letting the accelerator pedal. The full release of the throttle the Leaf should eventually make a complete stop. However, the regular brake pedal to be used for heavy braking.

Nissan displays the Leaf propilot same technique as the Qashqai. With propilot the Leaf able to drive independently within a single lane on the highway. The car decide whether inhibited in autonomous mode or throttle and adjusted. The system operates at speeds between 30 and 144 km / h. The Leaf maintains its position on the lane, even when cornering. More autonomic functions we find under the heading ProPilotPark. The Leaf is in fact able to put themselves into a parking space. The car is here so himself front and / or back. The list continues with business as Lane Departure Prevention, adaptive cruise control, automatic high beam, Forward Emergency Braking, Pedestrian FEB, traffic sign recognition, warning for crossing traffic and Nissan's Around View Monitor.


The energy in the battery pack of the Leaf is not necessarily intended for the car. The Leaf can be hung on the electricity network thanks to so-called V2G technology (vehicle-to-grid). Nissan does this to provide support "[...] processing of the irregular renewable energy flows, so that green energy is more readily available and cheaper." Leaf owners who hang their cars to the power network can make money with this.

Nissan saves the order books for the new Leaf in October open. In January, the first copies will be delivered next year. A starting price will follow soon. Nissan manufactures the new Leaf in Oppama not only located in the homeland, just as formerly in Smyrna (United States) and in Sunderland.