Lamborghini unveils concept car Monday

26Lamborghini announced that Monday will show his vision of "the supercar of the future." We have already seen a teaser.

For the development of its new concept car Lamborghini has beaten join hands with MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Of course, the Italians keep all information still under wraps, but the fact that Lamborghini talks about a future creates the expectation that at least there will be some form of electrification.

Lamborghini shows the new concept car already gazing in a garage beneath the world. If the manufacturer wants to just know that it works on elektfificatie whether it actually shows all the first lines of the Aventador successor, we will know until Monday.

The fact that the MIT has interfered with the development, might indicate the presence of innovative technology. MIT has been involved for some time engaged in the development of new lithium-oxygen batteries with lithium as an addition. Batteries with this configuration should be able to save as much energy to three times as regular lithium-ionexemplaren.