Nissan positive about Europe

10Nissans sales boss is optimistic about the future of its brand in Europe. In 2018, the upward trend will continue, according to him.

The positive predictions that are unleashed across Automotive News Europe, are a result of the launch of three new models. For starters, there is the strong European focus new Micra, there is also a facelifted Qashqai and finally there is a lot expected of the all-new Leaf. The electric car was doing it already exceeded expectations recently well in countries where the model is already on sale. If Nissan is indeed growing in 2018, it means that the upward trend continues. This year, the market share of the brand in Europe by 0.1 percent, while sales volume even 5.4 percent was higher, as distilled Auto News' data from ACEA.

On the Japanese headquarters of Nissan they will be pleased with the news, because in the home there are plenty of headaches for senior management. By inadequate checks that Nissan is working on a massive recall that at least 1.2 million vehicles involved. The mistakes are only of interest to the Japanese market and have no negative effect on the quality of the vehicles, reports the brand.