Priceless EarthRoamer XV-HD super camper

38Op looking for a luxurious place of proper trailer? Take a look at EarthRoamer. They present the new XV-HD super camper. Important to know: there is a price to luxury.

Camping, it means you have the five star hotels a miss and heading out with the family. No bathroom, but just with the (pink) toilet roll on the campsite to the plumbing. If you already have that luxury now do not want to miss it, you can go shopping at the American EarthRoamer. The more than ten meters long XC HD super camper is in fact equipped with every luxury you could want.

Think of a full bathroom, a heated floor, a kitchen counter made of granite and even a washing machine. Can sleep in hotel beds dignified and with a tank of 950 liters of water is provisionally to be alone. Large batteries, a generator and a large solar array ensure that everything always works. The basis of the camper is a Ford F-750 4 × 4. Therein lies a 6.7-liter V8 diesel engine delivers 983 Nm of torque. Wilder plans than the South of France? That is because with the 46-inch tires XVL work your way through any kind of nature that you can think of.

Quid pro quo: with an asking price of $ 1.5 million is more pricey than all-inclusive resort on the Mediterranean. However, a filled are credit-card? The first three units are currently produced.