Classic Porsche 914 (1969-1975) Specifications

VW-Porsche 914/6VW-Porsche 914/6VW-Porsche 914/6VW-Porsche 914/6VW-Porsche 914/6In September 1969 reveals the VW-Porsche 914. The mid-engine sports car 914 arose from the partnership between Volkswagen and Porsche, and comes in two versions on the market: the 914, the 1679 cc four-cylinder boxer with injection from the VW 411 E (80 hp) and 914/6, in 1991 cc six-cylinder boxer of the Porsche 911 T (110 hp). Volkswagen could use an image-booster and Porsche after the demise of the four-cylinder 912 entry level welcome. Bodybuilder Karmann handles the entire production of the 914, but for the 914/6 is only built the body and delivered to Porsche to be reduced further. The 914 have a removable middle roof part and a hefty roll bar à la 911 Targa. The 914/6 is a complete kit and is considerably more expensive than the version with VW engine. By the mid-engine concept is a sports car much luggage space front and rear. The 914/6 runs 201 km / h, and accelerates from 0 to 100 in 9.9 seconds (914: 177 km / h and 13 s). The high price is not sold much 914/6 and the end of 1972 will be replaced by a cheaper two-liter VW engine. The 1.7-liter VW-motor is then replaced by a 1.8-liter engine. In 1975 makes the location 914 for the 924, after 119,000 copies built.Classic Porsche 914 (1969-1975) Specifications

Specifications Porsche 914

construction Year1969-19721969-1972
build4 cil., Boxer6 cil., Boxer
Displacement1679 cc1991 cc
Power80 hp / 4900 rpm110 hp / 5800 rpm
Length398 cm398 cm
Width165 cm165 cm
Height122 cm122 cm
Mass898 kg980 kg
Top speed177 km / h201 km / h
Acceleration13 s9.9 s
production Number128 9823381
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