Classic Ford Anglia (1959-1967) Specifications

Ford Anglia - 1959Before the Escort came on the scene decades built Ford Anglia. The first generation appeared just before the war and then to become a household name for Ford England. The Anglia was the fourth generation unveiled with great fanfare in 1959 and was fully called the Ford Anglia 105E. Compared to its predecessor soberly designed - the Anglia 100E - new Anglia was clearly American influences. Not only the covered headlights and the grille that 'around the corner' walk from the luxury models are examples of this, but of course the tail fin little back. And then there was the decline rear. Citroen Ami picked up the trick later anyway Ford, but this completely new styling detail was anyway not the Americans applied it already applicable to Ford, Lincoln and Mercury's. The idea was that the glass was dry when it rains, but it was mostly a nice sales pitch. The Estate which followed two years after the launch of the saloon, had obviously lack this distinctive feature. Was not only the body completely new; the same was true of the engine. The 40 hp 997 cc four cylinder, to this day called the Kent' engine was coupled to a manual gearbox with synchromesh on the last three (of four) gears. Three years after the introduction of the new Anglia, from September 1962, will also be synchronized from the first gear from home. By then it was already clear that the Anglia had all the makings to be a sales success. After only a year were sold almost 192,000 units, a record for Ford. For model year 1963 Anglia range was expanded with the advent of the Super Anglia, also called the 123E. It had a 1198 cc engine with 53 horsepower, and it was later than, inter alia, recognizable by a stripe on the side that came into contrasting color of the bodywork. Then there was also the Sportsman version which strangely was not sold in the UK. In appearance it was immediately recognizable by the spare tire placed on the back, and the tires with white side face. Despite the huge sales numbers (almost 1.1 million) to view the Anglia not very often. Completely forgetting he's not happy. By supporting role in a Harry Potter film and a prominent place on one of the covers of a Harry Potter book, the current generation know the model well. More Ford Anglia:specifications| Occasions| model PageMore Ford:brand Pages