Classic Mazda 818 (1971-1978) Specifications

Mazda 818Mazda 818Mazda has been building cars since 1960, but only in the seventies is initiated exports to Europe. The 818 series is one of the first models available from us and can by now be considered the predecessor of the 323. He is from 1971 and is available as a sedan, wagon and coupe. The latter is beautifully shaped, with a clear coupe lines, very typical of the seventies. That model is the way, like most other Mazda models of the time, also comes with a rotary engine. In that case, he had an engine which converted stood at 1,964 cc and was called RX3. Separately, there were three normal four-cylinder engines available with a capacity of 1,272; 1490 and 1586 cc. The engines could be linked to the choice of four- or five-speed manual or automatic transmission. In 1975, the 818 facelift is, he gets round headlights and he called 818 S. A year later there are new taillights. Survivors are today scarce and if you could encounter is usually a coupe which is owned by an enthusiast. With a price of 11,200 guilders (over 5,000 euros) coupe mid seventies was incidentally not dirt cheap, and many were also sold. In 1978 disappeared the entire model range. By that time there were 625 439 Mazda 818 built. More Mazda 818:specifications| Occasions| model PageMore Mazda:brand Pages