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BPM Calculator

The BPM calculator you can calculate how many BPM (and VAT) the purchase price of a car is taxed. Convenient to calculate how much you should pay BPM import a car from abroad. For this you need to go out of the Dutch gross purchase price, including any accessories of the relevant year.

The calculator calculates the BPM for both the admission year and for 2017. If you import a car you can use the BPM calculation that provides the best value.Here you see a automatic BPM calculation of AutoWeek. The calculation is one of the six allowable BPM calculation methods and may be a manual post-calculation yields a lower BPM on.

The calculation is based on the rules applicable from 1 January 2017. The No rights can be derived. Using the results at your own risk.

«Choose another carPorsche Cayenne S (2007)Doors 5 - 6 versn, vending machine.
1st date toelating1 (DD-MM-YYYY)
date of declaration (DD-MM-YYYY)
price grossnet
fuel gasolinedieselLPGnatural gaselectricDPF
hybride2 NoYes
energielabel2 aBC or n.a.DEFG
CO2 uitstoot3 g / km

BPM calculation in 2007

list price (net) 59 310
VAT (19.0%) 11,269
BPM (45.2%) 26,808
BPM fuel surcharge -1540
BPM energy surcharge 540
BPM surcharge CO2 emissions 0
list price (gross) 96 387
BPM total (including age 93 245% discount) 1743

BPM calculation in 2017

list price (net) 59 310
VAT (21.0%) 12 455
BPM (0.0%) 0
BPM fuel surcharge 0
BPM energy surcharge 0
BPM surcharge CO2 emissions 89 940
list price (gross) 161 705
BPM total (including age 93 245% discount) 6075
PAY ATTENTION! At the car are made two calculations. The first, according to the BPM rules in the year of the car and the second according to the BPM rules this year. The tax is to choose the calculation that is most to your advantage.bpm_toelating = 1743&bpm_aangifte = 6075
One day the car is put on badge2 discount expires on July 1, 20103 if not known: 360 g / km for petrol and LPG, 302 g / km for diesel and natural gas