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The electric car is making a big advance.
Electric cars and charging stations are increasingly part of the streetscape. Within this section you read all developments regarding electric vehicles.

  • Trio Test - Opel Ampera E-vs VW e-Golf vs Hyundai Ioniq

  • Jaguar I-Pace Concept - Special

  • Tesla Model S P85 - 271 452 km - Bellflower Round

  • AutoWeek Allstars 2016 - Part 6 - Tesla Model X

  • Zoe Renault R90 - Driving impression

  • Nissan Leaf - Farewell Endurance - AutoWeek

  • The tail a Tesla Model S in the world?

  • Hyundai Ioniq Electric - Driving impression

  • Discover Tesla's Tilburg Test Track - AutoWeek LAB



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    Tesla Truck teaser

    Unveiling on November 16

    Tesla truck back in the picture

    In about ten days Tesla presents its all-electric truck in the world ...

    05-11-2017 14:0887Mercedes-Benz S 500 Plug-In Hybrid

    Cooperation hot IONITY

    Huge charging station joint venture highlights

    In November last year it was announced that BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and ...

    03-11-2017 08:2037Tesla Model 3

    Investing causes loss

    Biggest quarterly loss ever for Tesla

    Tesla quarter, the biggest quarterly loss ever put in the book. The ...

    02-11-2017 07:48162Volvo XC60 T8

    Plug-in power remains pleasant

    Driving impression Volvo XC60 T8 Twin Engine

    The demand for plug-in hybrids difficult by the loss of the lower addition rate ...

    Driving Impressions
    01-11-2017 13:2728Remetz Tesla Model S Shooting Brake

    Edition of 20 pieces

    Dutch build Tesla Model S Shooting Brake

    Remetz Car, the company that previously passed the world after the Model S hearse ...

    30-10-2017 14:0627BMW battery storage i3

    Battery storage captures peaks and valleys

    BMW i3 displays battery second life

    BMW has placed energy storage at its factory in Leipzig consisting of ...

    30-10-2017 12:4441Toyota logo

    Lifetime major obstacle

    Toyota aims to revolutionary EV batteries

    Toyota still has at present fully electric cars, the ...

    30-10-2017 09:31112EV's opladen elektrisch rijden multitest Zoe i3 Io

    Netherlands in the middle

    Research: EV versus diesel "Well to Wheel"

    It has long been fodder for debate between enthusiasts and skeptics of electric cars ...

    27-10-2017 13:13213Daimler Mitsubishi Fuso E-Vision One

    Also, cargo hold of the plug

    Daimler shows Mitsubishi Fuso E-Vision One

    On the trading floor of the Tokyo Motor Show has presented this E-Fuso Vision One, a ...

    25-10-2017 14:1738Nissan Formula E Tokyo

    First Japanese manufacturer into Formula E

    Nissan from 2018 included in Formula E

    At the Tokyo Motor Show Nissan let know that it participates in next years ...

    25-10-2017 06:4017Honda Sports EV Concept

    Part two of Honda's retro adventure

    Honda Sports EV Concept shines in Tokyo

    Honda arrested during the Tokyo Motor Show include these hopeful Sports EV ...

    25-10-2017 06:1481Nissan Concept IMx

    Autonomous with suicide doors

    Nissan IMx Concept is loose

    Nissan also has a concept car prepared for the Tokyo Motor Show. We in Japan ...

    25-10-2017 05:5210Mitsubishi Concept E-Volution

    Electric harbinger

    Mitsubishi Evolution e-presented

    Mitsubishi has presented the e-Concept Evolution after a short teaser campaign.

    25-10-2017 05:217Battery Factory Shenyang BMW Group

    build batteries in China

    BMW and Brilliance open third battery plant

    The BMW Group and its Chinese partner Brilliance open a new battery factory in ...

    24-10-2017 10:2734London supercars

    Polluting cars extra charge

    London Introduces T-Charge '

    From today are older diesel and petrol cars extra charge in London. It's about ...

    23-10-2017 09:0444Tesla assembly plant

    Production down sharply

    "Tesla will build factory in China

    Tesla seems to finally make cars in China. According to The Wall Street Journal ...

    22-10-2017 22:2750Hyundai Electric Ioniq

    Dutch start-up with more and more brands in the picture

    In conversation with Taco van Berkel, Jedlix

    Jedlix, a Dutch start-up dedicated to optimizing ...

    21-10-2017 18:0021UX Lexus Toyota Prius spyshots

    UX, or at Toyota?

    Lexus CT successor screen (presumably)

    Toyota has recently sent a mysterious prototype Nürburgring.

    19-10-2017 14:1817Jaguar i-Pace vs. Audi e-tron Quattro

    Tesla's competition comes in 2018

    Mirror mirror on Jaguar i-Pace and Audi e-tron

    Tesla is the realm of large, fully electric cars in the upper part of the ...

    19-10-2017 12:1469Polestar 1

    'C90' yet the track

    "Polestar first intended as Volvo '

    Earlier this week unveiled Polestar one looks at everything as a Volvo, but lacks the ...

    19-10-2017 11:2633Volkswagen Pikes Peak

    Again the mountain

    Volkswagen teases Pikes Peak weapon

    Volkswagen Motorsport suggests that the weather would make an effort too high ...

    19-10-2017 10:5326Tesla assembly plant

    More salary for 650 employees

    "Tesla comes to agreement with Grohmann '

    Not everything is currently running smoothly in Tesla. Fueled by the 'productiehel' around ...

    19-10-2017 08:21125Autonomous Chevrolet Bolt

    Manhattan by independent Bolt

    GM is autonomous in New York City

    General Motors is testing autonomous cars in the heart of Manhattan. It is the first ...

    18-10-2017 09:1515Nissan teaser

    Smart crossover to Tokyo

    Nissan warms up before coming new concept car

    Nissan presents a video in which the brand's previously announced new concept car ...

    18-10-2017 08:228Toyota Fine-Ride Comfort Concept

    Comfortable with fuel cell

    Toyota Fine-Ride Comfort Concept ready for Tokyo

    Toyota has a fleet newcomers in the pantry during the Tokyo Motor ...

    18-10-2017 08:0886traffic board bridge open

    Bridge open? Engine off!

    Once I had a sailboat in Friesland. It was there on the water at the time been so busy ...

    17-10-2017 15:53Porsche Mission E

    Athlete plug back in picture

    Porsche Mission E 'explores the Nordschleife

    Porsche has deadly serious EV plans and the car in concept form as Mission E ...

    17-10-2017 14:5328Polestar 1

    1000 Nm electrical power available from 2019

    Guts's Pole Stars Polestar one!

    The Swedish Polestar presented after a short teaser campaign firstborn.

    17-10-2017 13:07130Tiotest Ampera e-e-Golf Ioniq

    Trio Test - Opel Ampera E-vs VW e-Golf vs Hyundai Ioniq

    On paper, electric cars are increasingly used as a first car. Longer ...

    23-06-2017 16:00123premiumAW 1

    100,000 km per year electric

    Tesla Model S Signature P85

    An electric Tesla is not directly suitable for many rider, for refueling - pardon ...

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